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We provide you an unparalleled level of service and guidance every step of the way. It is about redefining what you expect from your tax professional. It is more than just the bottom line, it is about being a true partner in your success. We promise to be responsive to your every move.

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We never lose sight of what really makes us valuable to you as a client, our genuine expertise. We genuinely care about making life easier for our clients so you can spend more time doing what you love, while we handle the rest.

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  • Accountant New Jersey


    Whether you are a start-up business, a growing business or a mature corporation, Tax and Payroll Services has the expertise to help you. ..

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  • Accountant New Jersey


    AAP Accounting, Tax and Payroll Services considers its role as an experienced and trusted advisor on issues of critical importance to your business: new start-ups, finance, operations and profit planning...

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  • Accountant New Jersey


    Preparing your own tax return can be extremely difficult with today's complex tax code and may often leave you with more questions than answers.These days, the majority of people and small businesses...

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  • Accountant New Jersey


    As a New Jersey small business, it can be challenging to keep up with all of these tasks. In addition to paychecks, a professional payroll service can help generate the payroll forms that you require, file your payroll tax...

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  • Why You Should Choose AAP Accounting, Tax and Payroll Services!

    Every year legislators twist and tweak tax laws, leaving the average citizen scratching his head when faced with financial decisions such as selling an investment property or claiming a tax deduction for a home office. Accounting firms stay abreast of the new tax laws, and many offer financial advice and help individuals and small businesses develop budgets and set financial goals. Whether you need someone to handle weekly payroll or you just want reliable tax advice, hiring a professional always works in your favour.

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AAP Accounting, Tax and Payroll Services offers quality accounting services for my small business and I’ve also had a positive experience filing my personal income taxes. Albert has a wealth of knowledge regarding all aspects of accounting and is always available to answer any questions you may have throughout the process. Having the opportunity to working with a business that keeps an open line of communication is rare, so Albert’s responsiveness is one of the many characteristics of AAP Accounting that sets them apart. Albert is very professional and thorough in his approach, offering sound advice to help my business run smoothly. I would recommend AAP Accounting to anyone searching for a professional, competent, and responsive accountant for all of their accounting needs.


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